Secure, private, anonymous messaging with UNSEND/ERASE, Similar to Telegram

Benefits of our secure messaging service:

  1. All messages reside on our servers.
    Messages go from your device to our servers to your receiver's device. Encrypted all the way.
  2. You know when it's delivered, you know when it's read, you know whether it is saved at the receiver's end or deleted.
  3. You can recall it / destroy it on your end * and the receiver's end.* Bigstring messaging allows you to recall (delete) your message, whether it has been read or not. Because the message is on our servers, you or the receiver can delete it. Want to ghost? You can even delete your username from the other parties' message/contact list!
  4. Our servers and software are owned by someone you trust (NOT Facebook)
  5. Your device doesn't have to have cell carrier service. It can be an older smartphone that can connect to wifi or even an iPad or tablet
  6. Read our terms of service. There is no persistent cookie. Our software doesn't request permission to access your phone's address book nor your device's data
  7. Personal Privacy Protocol. You sign up and select your own username. That's it. We don't ask you to provide a real name or any name. All you choose is your username. No active cell phone number required, no email address required (unless you want it for lost-passwords), No cookie, No Facebook nor Google attempting to connect your contacts. This is simple, secure communication, not social. Similar to Telegram